Scott Seltzer
Scott Seltzer
Scott Seltzer
Awesomest Juggler in Israel
Awesomest Juggler in Israel
Awesomest Juggler in Israel
with thousands of shows experience
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Camps, Schools, Holidays, Simchas

Head bouncing a ball while juggling
Head bouncing a ball while
Scott is an experienced professional juggler available for all sorts of events (Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, Purim, etc.). He's performed thousands of shows (including 6 years as the finale performance at Cardo Culinarium in Jerusalem's Old City) and can present a variety of styles based on the venue: Solo Stage Shows, Team Stage Shows, Atmosphere Work, Corporate Events, Juggling Workshops, and Custom Combinations.

Solo Stage Shows

Scott keeps the pacing high-energy in his professional stage shows. Generally he alternates choreographed technical routines with comedy bits. The technical routines contain work with traditional juggling props like balls, clubs, rings, diabolo, etc.
juggling an umbrella and 2 clubs
juggling an umbrella and clubs
The comedy bits include jokes, audience participation (including highlights with the guest of honor), and visual stunts (such as juggling musical instruments while playing them, eating fruit while juggling it, juggling a watermelon, and a hilarious egg juggling routine that audiences never forget). Other highlights incorporate dangerous routines with knives and fire (venue permitting). Shows are appropriate for all ages from 5 to adult.

Team Stage Shows

Scott has different partners that he works with for increased performance variety.
Torch passing at a friend's wedding
Torch passing at a wedding
2 people are 4 times as good as solo because you've got 2 full solo acts plus duet routines which are twice as good as solo routines. Team routines have a lot more comedy possibilities and opportunities to incorporate audience participation.

Atmosphere Work

Scott got his start passing the hat on Ben Yehuda Street in downtown Jerusalem. He is often hired to street perform or provide walk-around entertainment
5 Clubs behind the back throw
5 Clubs behind the back
for different events like to provide a festive atmosphere for community events or while people are arriving at receptions of simchas. These shows are generally more informal but provide more personal interaction with the guests.

Corporate Events

Scott enjoys the challenge of customizing routines for different corporate purposes. He's written and performed product-specific routines for trade shows in Israel and abroad. He's also customized his pitch for motivating employees at company team-building events. Juggling is great analogy to many products, services, and corporate styles and there are unlimited ideas for creative use of props and patter relevant to your industry. Scott will work with you directly to demonstrate your message in a professional, entertaining, and most memorable way.


Scott loves making more jugglers in the world. He can teach groups of up to 50 people to do juggling and other circus skills
Diabolo tricks
Diabolo Tricks
(diabolo, devil stick, plate spinning, balloon animal folding, etc.). It's a great activity for birthday parties or bar/bat mitzvahs before leading in to a show. Scott is a patient teacher and really knows how to motivate his students through games and systems of positive reinforcement. Scott has a university degree in education.

Custom Combinations

Sometimes instead of the full stage show, Scott is hired to do atmosphere work during the event's reception and then a highlights show (shorter than his full show) as a finale to the evening. Or for birthday parties it's often nice to teach a juggling workshop prior to the stage show and maybe then to end with balloon animals for all the kids. Scott is flexible and will work with you to best serve your needs.

Please email to find out how to make your event more memorable.

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