Updates to Scott's Juggling Page

As of January 14, 1999, I started tracking the changes made to my web page.

By the way, I've coded my pages by hand without the aid of an HTML Editor (except for the tables on my goals pages). I use a simple text editor called EditPad. I initially learned HTML from the Sample Home Pages on the JIS's " Creating a Home Page." My first page and much of the continued formatting of my pages are based on what I learned there. I also learned other things from the HTML References on that page as well as the highly recommended HTML Tag List. The rest I leaned from looking at source code of interesting pages and being creative with what I learned.

Last thing, this page was optimized for Internet Explorer. I've tested that the page looks ok on Netscape, but it looks much nicer using IE (especially the small caps).

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Scott Seltzer
Moshav Tarum, ISRAEL

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