Hawaiian Vaudeville Festivals 1994, 1995, 1996

10th Annual Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival, 1994

Workshop, gym, opening
Volley Club
Torch juggling/swinging
Acrobats (transvestite)
CB Hat with volunteer
Juggling and hitting on head
More of acrobats
Other bits
Stud contest
Still photos

11th Annual Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival, 1995

Torch juggling with lava
Light-swinging stick man
Opening bits
Vocal sound and movement
Shower intro
Show bits
Magic tied hands
Nice 3, 4 ball routine
Club passing bit and other bits from show
Environmental jugglers
Fire juggling
Volley club
Nice diabolo routine
Michiel Hesseling - 4, 5 clubs
Flying Dutchmen tall and taller unis
Still photos

12th Annual Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival, 1996

Graphic opening
Opening bits
Burning balls through rings
Haggis - 3 Globalls
Show bits
Hats & Boxes- Charlie Brown and Waldo
Anna Jillings - pole swinging
Torch, egg, pan
Flying Bob - balancing cigar boxes with radio.
Nice diabolo routine
Whale story
Boat race
Free Willy episode
Skates, Skate boards ensemble
3, 4, 5 ball routine
Rhy Thomas - 1, 2 plates; shaker cups
Dred lock juggling
Happy the Mime story book
Face clamps
Show bits
Volley club
Still photos

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