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Involved parties

0:02 Intro Clip
0:07 Scottish dancing party
0:08 Diabolo routine, from public show Bruce Wilson
0:09 Glo-rings passing and spinning number Cosmos jugglers
0:10 1 to 3 basketball juggling/manipulation, from outdoor stage Tom Baker
0:11 3 and 4 club routine from public show Ben Richter (a.k.a Benjamin Smalls)
0:12 3 and 4 club two pwerson routine from public show LukaLuka - Ilka Licht and Luke Wilson
0:13 Parade
0:16 Glo-Stuff clip Osama with glo-diabolo and many others
0:20 Trampoline number Paul Anderson
0:21 Erotic acrobalance - Adam and Even number, from public show ljs en weder
0:23 Team unicycling Twin City Unicyclists
0:25 3 diabolos slow-motion clip  
0:26 Joggling and games  
0:34 Diabolo routine, from public show Osama el Masri
0:37 1 and 2 diabolo routine, from public show Guy Heathcote
0:39 Rings and clubs number, from public show Jay Gilligan
0:43 Fire show  
0:47 Glo-rings solo number, from public show Jeremy James (a.k.a "hanudnik")
0:49 Mime with a suitcase, from public show Mr. Fergus
0:50 3 Club solo piece, from outdoor stage Luke Wilson
0:50 Swinging and various uninteresting Glow-stuff non-juggling Pyromania (from Israel, I'm afraid)
0:52 Renegade stage extracts  
0:58 Outro clip  
1:01 End of tape  

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