1998 IJA Highlights Video

desert shots - 116 degrees in the shade
Katja Ignatov - 5 balls on Rolling Globe
Las Vegas collage with jugglers interspersed
Interview with Ben S. regarding Ignatov workshop.
Multiplex workshop
Hat manipulation workshop
Ring workshop
Cigar Box workshop
Club passing workshop (Dave Finnegan)
Interviews about heat
Clockworks "Top 10 things to do while waiting in line at the snackbar."
Foolish Exploits and Fabulous Feats
Vladik Miagostupov - 6 clubs, 5 club 3-high pirouette, 5 club backcrosses, 4 club triples, singles, half pirouettes, 3 clubs + 1 ball, 2 clubs + 2 balls, 1 club + 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, half pirouette, breakdown, half-shower, 3-high pirouette, 3-high double-pirouette, split multiplex, 7 balls from kickup
Gregory Popovitch's trained cats - across balance beam by hands, across beam by feet, acrossw beam on rolling globe, dog jumping over foot, dog handstand on Gregory's hand, cat pushing dog in baby carriage, dog walking on hind legs with cat on back
Sean Dave - Razor sharp knives speech, 3 bowling balls gag
Wang Hong - Peddidling 4 umbrellas, 4 rugs with exchanges.
Katja Ignatov - balancing ball on forehead with poses, jumping rope while bouncing ball on head, 8 ring flash.
Yan Yan Zhao - kicking ups to forehead while on tall unicycle: teapot, spoon, teapot lid
Gregory Popovich - juggling with dog balanced on pole with ramp - dog catches ball and drops it down ramp
Yan Yan & Yan Ping Zhao - artistic bicycle routine: standing on seats, jumping from one bike to other without using hands, undescribable 2 person poses on one bike,
Anatoly Yeniy & Vladimir Dovgan - both on one wobbly rola-bola, both doing handstands on rola-bola, both on 5 cylinder rola-bola
Sergei Ignatov - 5 club back crosses, 4 club 83333, triples, singles, back crosses, flat fronts, shower, multiplex shower, 3 club triples to flats, 1 high synch reverse spin, penguin catches, back crosses, over head, dips, 7 rings to 9 ring pulldown from holster.
roller coaster sequence
interview on monorail
in gym - unicycle, yo-yo from ear, headroll, toss water bottle behind back to ear catch, 3 club juggling, ball on parasol, catch with baby perched on mom's feet.
cigar box workshop
3 Ball workshop - Philosophy on 3 ball tricks (Rick Rubinstein), 3 ball moves (including ???, Dan Holzman, Steve Healy, Adam ???,
Tennis ball s and can workshop (Scott Slesnick)
Club passing workshop (Martin Frost)
In the gym - club passing, interview with young boy devilsticking, Lida (?) on Mike's shoulders on rola-bola both juggling, passing from free-standing ladder, siamese juggling passing, 5 ball juggling
The Young Jugglers' Showcase - 12 kids w/ 3 bals each choreographed and tricks, passing clubs and rings and balls, 6 ring juggling, club tricks
Yo-yoing - in the gym, string tricks and looping. Competition - 2 handed loops under leg, trapeze over each wrist, 2 handed looping into around the worlds, outrageous looping and string tricks. Yo-yo workshop
Steven Bell - 1 leg balance on rola-bola while spinning plates on each hand and balancing pedestal on head, 1 leg rola-bola sideways, 3 plates in one hand and one on mouthstick while juggling 2 balls in other hand, 2 spinning plate handstand
ball passing workshop
3 club routine
3 ball stealing workshop
Auction - drawing, T-shirt, set of clubs, framed juggler painting by Art Jennings ($600)
M.C. Moments - Mac King's rope trick, Clockwork's Juggling Difficulty Chart, Mac King's earthworm trick, Clockwork's passing portrait, Clockwork's Flower Pots
Cascade of Stars: The European Show - Tim Roberts intro.
Marc Dehout & Benji Bernard - 4, 5 club exchanges
Jeremy James - 5 UV Rings with body placements, juggling 3, 4 rings with ring-on-ring spinning
Ezec Le Floc'h - Kendama martial arts
Laurent Pareti - 3 club windmills and multiplexes
Mads Rosenbeck - spastic trenchcoat club swinging
Jean-Paul Le Feure & Tim Roberts - bicycle wheel and underwear
Thomas Ledoze & Sylvain Cousin - 2 clubs synchronized flipping, rhythmic body placements, 5 club passing
Gerald Cibola - stickless diabolo
Championships: Junior, Individual, Team
Terry the Great - 3 clubs with balance to 4 clubs to triple singles with behind the back, 4 club Mills Mess
David Dimuzio - 4 ball shower, 5 ball cascade, split multiplex with solid backcrosses
David Cain - 4 clubs w/ headroll, shower, double-singles over the shoulder
Toby Rademacher - 5 rings 3-high half-pirouettes, 3-high full piro, pulldown
Dewdrop Jugglers - 3 diabolo runaround, passing
Stoolies - 5 ball force bounce steals
The Flying Monkees - 3 club steals, 6 club passing
Rick Friscia - 6 ring breakdown
Mike Roberts (3rd place Junior) - diabolo, 2 diabolos
Redefining Gravity (3rd Place Team) - 7, 8 club thundershower, 8, 9 club singles with tricks, 9 club doubles, 5 clubs each, 10 club doubles
Brian Patz (3rd Place Individual) - cigar boxes
Luke Jay (2nd place Junior) - 3, 4, 5 clubs
Dana Tison (2nd place Individual) - 5 balls, 5 rings, 6 to 7 rings
Raising Cain (2nd place Team) - 6,7, 8, 9 club passing
Jeff Savilico (1st place Junior) - jumpropes on unicycle, 4 clubs on uni,
Jason Garfield (1st place Individual) -
Les Tourisk (1st place Team) -
Special Presentation Awards
Flamingo Award - Nicole Deitz?
World Juggling Day - Todd Smith & Steve Healy
Joggling Master - Andrew Swan?
Ginny Rose
Education - Perry Rubenfield
String tricks
misc. gym
Balloon dog race
5 club endurance
club gathering
5 club endurance
Big toss up
6 sets of twins
Dan Bennet - plunger manipulation
and yes... the board of directors CAN juggle!!!

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