1997 IJA Championships Video


00:50 Passing Zone Intro

4:51 Paul Williamson
7 ball flash
5 balls - kickup, half shower, 64, flash 3 high, under leg, end with pirouette
Hat tricks -
6 rings
3 clubs - start with flash pirouette, flats, fast triples under arms, under leg with both arms, reverse, chops, columns, shower, backcrosses, on slackrope - with doubles, flats, behind the back throws
4 clubs on slackrope
5 club flash

11;55 Emile Carey
3 balls - shower, 3 high pirouette, penguins, clawing, box, 441, mills mess, shoulder throw and behind the back, bouncing under both legs in different combinations, behind the head, shoulder throws,
4 balls - 633 bounce, shower bounce, shower in air, multiplex caught behind back, over head
5 balls - reverse, multiplex, lift bounce, force bounce (looking up), under leg,
7 ball lift bounce
3 clubs - start with 3 high pirouette, under arms, backcrosses, alberts on one side, mills mess, shower, over head, under both legs solid, helicopter, chops, behind the back catches
4 clubs - triples, flat fronts, triple singles, backcrosses, columns, shower
5 clubs - from kickup, end with scissors catch

19:35 Mike Roberts
Diabolo - around arm, around both arms, around leg, around leg and arm, whip catch, suicide, figure eight around arms, umbrella
3 clubs - 3 in one hand, half pirouettes, multiplex, under leg, behind the back, backcrosses, flourishes, shower - catch behind back, box
4 clubs - singles, 5551, triple singles, multiplexes, shower
5 clubs - flash, shower attempt

27:00 Rick Friscia
3 balls - back crosses, lots of variations, box, 441, boston mess, multiplexes, mills mess, head, 3 in one hand
4 balls - overhead, one over head, multiplex to catch behind back and under leg, half shower changing directions, shower, high-low shower, mills mess, 633
5 balls - half shower, reverse, one hand over head, multiplex, half pirouette, backcrosses, shower
7 balls - qualify
3 clubs - alberts on one side, under arm, behind back, behind back with chin rolls, shower, backcrosses - doubles and singles, under arms, chops, flourishes, half pirouette, columns - crossing to balance
4 clubs - scissors, spreads, to balance, triple singles - with behind the back and outside throws, shower
5 clubs - qualify
7 rings - flash plus
6 ring - breakdown to pulldown

34:40 Luke Jay
Interlinking rings
4 rings - 2 high pirouette, 2 high half pirouette, 4 high pirouette, over head wimpy, spinning 3 on arm, flourishes, 4 high pirouette
5 rings - flat reverse, 3 high pirouette, pull 1 down and back up, pulldown finish with pancake catch as 3rd throw, pancakes,
6 rings - synchronous, asynch
7 rings - flash plus
8 rings - flash (maybe plus one)

40:55 Adam Kariotis
3 balls - 1 high pirouettes, 1 up 2 up single & double pirouette, behind the head shower, more pirouettes
4 balls - shower - high-low with pirouette, 4 high pirouette directly to shower under legs,
Not diabolo
5 balls- 7445, ???, (6x,4)(4,6x) - with pirouette, 94444, 744, 3 high pirouette, 94444 3 high pirouette, 5 high pirouette, half pirouettes, 94444 two half pirouettes under 9
7 balls - qualify to neck catch
5 balls - shower, high-low shower
5 rings - pull one down over head, 4 shower, more pulldowns and up, 3 high half pirouettes, 3 high full pirouette, half shower, pancakes
7 rings - qualify
3 clubs - backcrosses, pirouette under singles, ???, shower, dips and reverses, backcross flash pirouette, pirouette under 3 catch 2 pirouette and continue, kickups on both sides,
5 club - qualify
4 clubs - chin rolls, backcrosses


48:25 The Silvers
Lying down balancing pool cues
balancing cues on face and both thumbs
balance cue standing to lying down
5 balls each - half showers, reverses, 3 high pirouettes, with cue balance on face
5 ball takeaways - front to front, flash backs with pirouettes, back to front, overhead to takeaway
6 ball multiplex takeaways
7 ball takeaways, 7 ball passing
Billiard ball pockets - 7 balls, 6 balls, 5 balls, 4 balls, etc.

56:55 Flight Patterns
3 clubs - steals and takeaways, runaround, leap frog steal,
4 clubs - steals and replacements, ???, 633, runaround,
5 clubs - different passing patterns side by side
6 clubs - passing one count front to back, passing chops, shoulder throws, treblas, pirouettes, one-count chops, kickups, behind the back, solid under both legs, one-count asynch, synch with reverse spins and pirouettes, two-count with pirouettes
7 clubs from kickup, pirouette, singles with shoulder throws and tomahawks, breakdown, back to back, one-count
8 clubs - from 6 with 2 kickups, end with pirouettes, singles
9 clubs - qualify

1:05 Jay Gilligan and Ochen K
3 balls each dropping in many variations
juggling 3 each in a couple patterns
3 each side by side with arms crossing through each other
one-count above below
more passing front to front
multiplex passing with behind the back hand-offs
hard to explain trick with placing ball on other person's back
side by side pass-dropping
over head one-count

111:45 Redefining Gravity
3 balls while hula hooping
Throwbacks - 3 to 4 to 5 balls
acrobalance while juggling
one-count while one person on back
front to back one-count
3 club - takeouts and replacements
5 clubs back to front, side by side
Hand ins 3 to 4 to 5 clubs - take out and replacing 6th club
6 club passing - with cartwheel
3 each shoulder stand
8 clubs - singles, tomahawk
5 clubs each
10 club passing
8 club passing on giraffe uni and rolling globe

118:45 Stoolies
5 balls - takeouts and switches with all sorts of combinations, force bo9unce with takeouts, more takeouts and switches, one-count rolling off stool and backcrosses, one-count off head bounce on stool, one-count placing on shoulders

125:00 Peachock
throwbacks - 3 to 4 to 5 rings
5 rings - front to front steal
7, 8 ring - one-count
9 rings - one-count to pulldown
3 clubs - running, leap frog steal
5 clubs - side by side passing patterns including mills mess
6 clubs - tomahawks, one-count synchronous, one-high switch places, shoulder throws, one-count tomahawks, flat verticals, one-count behind back throws, two-count with one person on back, treblas and under legs, alberts
7 club passing - singles, tomahawks, back to front, shoulder throws, back to back, one-count
8 clubs - singles, back to back
9 clubs


132:15 Mike Price
3 balls - Mills Mess, tennis, reverse, clawing, penguins, shower with behind the back pass, crossed arms, backcrosses
5 balls - start with multiplex all and kick up, half shower, multiplex, 1 up 4 up, multiplex backcrosses, behind back, clawing, 3 in 1 hand while fork catch in other hand, shower
7 balls - under leg throw, end with catch behind back
3 clubs - start with balance dropped back to blind kick, under arms and backcrosses, mills mess, balance club on club solid, shower with behind the back pass, knocking clubs down, behind the back catches, flourishes, under arms & alberts & backcrosses, end with scissors catch
5 clubs - start with kickup, behind the back on both sides, under leg on both sides
Giraffe Unicycle - freemount, 3 club tricks - mills mess, under leg, backcrosses, ???; 5 clubs flash plus

140:40 Otto Mann
3 beanbags - off stomach, tennis
3 stage balls - flash clap start, wide, knuckling, multiplex body throws and body bounces, reverse, midair kiss, backcrosses, behind the back catches, arm under leg, kick, 3 in one hand, shower
4 balls - shower, multiplex shower, high-low shower with multiple lows
3 balls - force bounce (stage balls)
4 balls - columns, spreads, one hand over head
5 balls - reverse, multiplex, multiplex shower, shower
6 balls - wimpy attempt
2 cone flourishes
3 cones - under leg, flourish, shoulder throw
cone, ball, chair

148:36 Julian Pittman
Ball spinning - 2 ball curls, under leg switch, curls, cross arm switch, curls, air throw switch
3 ball back roll
spinning ball on ball
3 5 rings - multiplex, pull one down, 2 high 4 ring pirouette, color change 5
7 ring flash attempt
3 clubs - under leg with both hands, under both legs with one hand, joggling in place, columns, splits, 2 high pirouettes, chops, chin rolls, shower, flash 2 & hand one behind back, shower, backcrosses singles and doubles
4 clubs - synch, spreads, shower
2 ping pong balls with mouth

156:45 Matt Henry
3 balls - tornado, fork and penguins, fork and catch under legs, 3 high pirouette catch 2 pirouette, ???, juggle on side on each side, shower passing behind back, 3 in one hand high-low
3 balls and cane - juggle 3 with cane balanced on foot, 3 in one hand while flourishing cane, juggle all 4, to balance while juggling 3, shower all 4, 2 in one hand while balancing cane on shoulder, multiplex 2 balls and cane in one hand
4 balls and cane - multiplex, 1 up 4 up, juggle 4 with balance drop down to juggle all 5
6 balls - shower bounce, lift bounce
Ironing board - 3 balls rolling in different patterns - high-low shower, etc., one handed, rolling down legs of ironing board, roll down to juggling 3 on back, 4 balls

205:15 Jay Gilligan
4 rings with ball bouncing on head to pulldown attempt
3 rings - hand off manipulations, shower, reverse with flip flourish, shower with chop, penguin catches, flourishes, pancake thing (6x,4)
4 rings - 3 ring 1 high double pirouette, synch alternating pancakes, half shower changing directions, 3 high pirouette catch 2 throw 1 pirouette (I think), hand off manipulation, pancake neck catch and pull off to maintain 3 ring cascade
5 rings - start from head pull, (6x,4)(4,6x), 5 high pirouette, 4 with balance, pancakes
8 rings - 4 in one hand in each hand, flash plus, flash to pulldown

213:45 Brian Patz
3 clubs - 66111 with 2 behind backs, chops, shower, over head with multiplex, backcrosses, 3 high pirouette
4 clubs - synch, spreads, solid, flourishes, flat fronts
5 clubs - under leg
Cigar Boxes - takeouts, double takeouts, etc. alberts, 3 box pirouette
5 rings- pull one down, flourish 4, throw one as pancake and pull down others
7 rings - qualify plus, end with pulldown

220:30 Vladik
3 balls - 1 high pirouette, 1 high double pirouette, under legs, shower under legs and behind back passes
3 clubs - 3 high pirouette, low triples, shower, 1 up 2 up, under legs, head rolls, backcross flash, behind the back catches, under leg and behind the back combination, 1 high pirouette, 1 high double pirouette
4 clubs - start with kickup, triple singles with behind the back throws and backcrosses, synch half pirouettes, triples, singles, shower
5 clubs - 3 high half pirouette, triples, singles, 3 high pirouette, backcrosses
6 clubs - flash plus
4 balls - 2 high double pirouette, shower under legs
5 balls - kick up to 5, half pirouette, 3 high double pirouette, multiplex and over head, 3 high double pirouette
7 balls - 5 high pirouette to finish
8 balls - flash
freestanding ladder - 5 clubs, 7 balls, 5 globalls

229:00 Awards

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