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last updated: January, 2010

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About the Yerushalayim Yugglers

The "Yerushalayim Yugglers" is an informal gathering of all levels of juggler from non-juggler to very advanced. It really is a big open room for us to meet, help each other, learn, practice, and show off. There are many people willing to help others with not just basic juggling, but advanced tricks, as well as other circus skills and props (juggling clubs, juggling rings, other juggling props, contact juggling, yo-yo, diabolo, devil stick, spinning plate, etc.).

A few members don't really like the name Yerushalayim Yugglers and we had some other possibilities (I'm sure glad they don't know how to program html!): the Passover Jugglers or the Non-Prophet Juggling Club, among others.

We meet every Monday from 7:30-10pm (or later) at the Maison de France (Beit Tsarfatit) at the Hebrew University, Givat Ram. See the A marker in the middle of this map. The following buses will take you there: 9, 17, 24, 28. New (as of January, 2010)! We meet every Tuesday from 7:00-10pm (or later) right behind the municipal (iryah) buildings at Shivtei Yisrael 22. See the A marker in the middle of this map. You can see the marker is about 500 meters due east of the bottom of Ben Yehuda Street.

Email Scott or call him at 054-7845999 for more information.

It would be nice if you could join us and bring other friends, too. It's free - so come!

Click here to find out more about juggling in Israel.

If you are interested in finding out more about juggling on the web, the two most important sites are the Interactive Juggling Database (IJDb) and the Juggling Information Service.


Some of the recent projects that the Yerushalayim Yugglers have been working on are:

The Members of the Club

Some of our coolest members have web pages:

Picture Gallery

These are just a few pictures of Scott Seltzer that we had in stock. We hope to include other members' pictures shortly.

5 clubs during Israeli army basic training :
5 clubsClick here or on the image for the full picture!

7 balls:
7 ballsClick here or on the image for the full picture!

Torches in a toga:
torches in a 
togaClick here or on the image for the full picture!

Here's one of Yaakov Goodman at Scott's wedding:

And this is Raphael Harris at Scott's wedding:

This is Lev Miles practicing at home:

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