Scott Seltzer's Juggling History, 1978-Present

Growing up in Tucson, AZ, my sister learned to juggle from Juggling for the Complete Klutz and taught me when I was about 7 years old (1978). I could only do a couple tricks with three balls and a simple four ball fountain until I moved to Israel in 1992.

My roommate in Israel, Ben Miller, had just gotten into juggling and with his help and the aid of The Complete Juggler I was able to learn a lot more including ball passing and club juggling. We put together a successful routine for a talent show and then things really took off when we bought torches. We got hired to do some shows and our technical and performing skills really improved. At this point I was already pretty obsessed with juggling.

In 1993 I moved to Jerusalem and joined the the Jerusalem Jugglers and started street performing on Ben Yehuda Street. I did a technical torch routine. At the beginning of the summer I made very little money and had many drops each show. By the end of the summer I was hardly dropping and earning a bundle. That summer I also practiced many hours each day and learned to juggle 4 clubs and 5 balls, as well as many tricks and passing.

With these skills, some friends recommended me to the Cardo Culinarium restaurant, a Roman theme restaurant in the Old City of Jerusalem. For 6 years, I performed about 200 shows/year in my toga.

I love practicing and have had times in my life, such as between jobs, when I spent up to 8 hours a day practicing. I have tons of patience and I simply enjoy juggling. I work on numbers a lot and am working on solidifying 7 balls and also qualifying 9 balls. I also spend time trying to invent tricks with 3, 4, and 5 objects.

I have been very active in the juggling scene in Israel, including being a leader at the Jerusalem Jugglers juggling club and also organizing juggling conventions in Israel. I have attended juggling conventions in Europe and the United States as well.

I regret that I don't have enough time to practice as much as I'd like and that my skills are improving very slowly. It's gotten to the point where I actually have had the crazy idea that I've considered what life would be like in prison - I wouldn't have to worry about food or any worldly matters and I'd have lots of time to practice my juggling! (Maybe a better alternative would be to win the lottery.)

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Scott Seltzer
Moshav Tarum, ISRAEL

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