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The JIS is so important I spent hours indexing the whole thing:

  • WHAT'S NEW - Here's a log of what has changed since the initial announcement of this service. Check it out to see what is new since your last visit. Sections include: 1998 Changes, 1997 Changes, 1996 Changes, 1995 Changes, 1994 Changes.

    JUGGLING HELP - Files with helpful suggestions from fellow jugglers. Topics include 4 balls, 5 balls, warming up, numbers, Mill's mess, site-swaps, and much more. Sections include: Table of Contents, How to Juggle, Ball Juggling, Club Juggling, Ring Juggling, Torch Juggling, Other Juggling Props, Multiplexing, Numbers Juggling, Site Swap Notation, Other Circus Arts, FAQ and References, Essays and Commentary, Miscellaneous Information, Administrivia.

    JUGGLER HOME PAGES - Here are links to all of the home pages of jugglers that we know of. Create your own and get added to the list. You can even create your own home page at the JIS. Help grow the web! Sections include: Jugglers, Performers, Clubs, How to Create, Hall of Fame, E-mail Service.

    NEWS AND OLD NEWS - Here you will find a wealth of information via the USENET newsgroup rec.juggling, including access to the complete archive of the newsgroup and the old listserver that preceded it. Sections include: USENET rec.juggling Newsgroup, Browse the Rec.Juggling Archive by Date, Search the Rec.Juggling Archive for any Phrases, Search by From, Date, and Subject Lines, 100 Most Recent Messages in the Archive, Juggling Information Service Announcements, the rec.juggling Welcome message, FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions, MAQ: Most Annoying Questions, E-mail Gateway to Rec.Juggling (SERVICE DISCONTINUED).

    PICTURE GALLERY - A collection of juggling photographs, drawings, artwork, logos, and clip art. Sections include: Promo Picts, Action Snapshots, IJA 97 Festival, Grenoble Scrapbook, Stereo Photographs, Drawings, Artwork, Logos, Juggling Cartoons, Clip Art, ASCII Art, Qarin Van Brink's pictorial log of the 1996 IJA Juggling Festival, David Budd's Juggling Photos.

    MOVIE THEATER - Juggling videos and animations for UNIX machines, PC's, and Macs. Sections include: Great Jugglers of the Past, Performances in the Modern Era, Educational Demonstrations, British Juggling Conventions, IJA Championships, Computer Generated Animations, Old Flick and Grasp Animations.

    JUGGLERS MALL - Yes, you can now order juggling props through the Internet. What vendors sell props? Come shop at the mall. Sections include: North America, The United Kingdom, Germany, The Rest of Europe, The Rest of the World, Unicycle Trading Post, Magic Shops.

    FESTIVALS - Any festivals coming up? Sections include: North America, The United Kingdom, Germany, The Rest of Europe, The Rest of the World, The Complete List, Chronologically, Past Festivals, How this information is maintained.

    CLUB MEETINGS - Is there a juggling group that meets nearby? Sections include: Is there a juggling club near me?, World Juggling Clubs, United States Juggling Clubs, Juggling Clubs with Home Pages, How to Provide Updates, North America, The United Kingdom, Germany, The Rest of Europe, The Rest of the World.

    MAGAZINE RACK - Bits and pieces of various juggling publications, including Juggler's World, Kaskade, Two-Ply Press, and others. Sections include: The Catch, The Flying Kiwi, Juggler's Bulletin, Juggler's World, Kaskade, Oz Juggle, Two Ply Press.

    JUGGLERS WORLD ARCHIVE - An archive of complete issues of Juggler's World magazine, the quarterly publication of the International Juggler's Association. Sections include: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995.

    JUGGLING IN THE MEDIA - This section covers juggling books, videos, and articles, as well as juggling scenes in movies and on TV. Sections include: Juggling in Movies, Juggling Papers, Online Juggling Books, Interviews with Jugglers, Book and Video Tape Catalog.

    JUGGLING SOFTWARE - Programs that are used to simulate juggling and view site swaps, plus any other juggling related software. Sections include: Source Code, Java, IBM PC, Mac, NeXTStep, Amiga, Computer Generated Animations, Archival and Compression Software.

    JUGGLING ORGANIZATIONS - Information about the various organizations of jugglers, how to contact them, and what services they provide. Sections include: Christian Jugglers Association, European Jugglers Association, International Jugglers Association, Jewish Jugglers, JuggleStay, Svenska Jongl?rf?reningen.

    SEARCH FOR ANY WORDS OR PHRASES - Search for desired words or phrases within the text of all files in the JIS. If it's here, now you can find it.

    ABOUT THE JIS - If you're interested in this service, want to help, or have other questions about the service itself, here's where to look. Sections include: Access Statistics, JIS Projects, Barry Bakalor - WebMaster, Send a Comment - Email.

    THE MUSEUM OF JUGGLING - Sections include: History, Hall of Fame, Past Masters, Gallery, Ethnography.

    JIS COMMITTEE ON NUMBERS - A committee was formed in 1996 to allow the Juggling Information Service to maintain an authoritative list of validated numbers juggling records that are generally accepted by the juggling community. Sections include: The committee, Current Records, Frequently asked questions, Press Release, Rules and Definitions, Constitution and bylaws.

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